What is new Bing?

The new Bing is like having a research assistant, personal planner, and creative partner at your side whenever you search the web. With this set of AI-powered features, you can:

  • Ask your actual question. When you ask complex questions, Bing gives you detailed replies.
  • Get an actual answer. Bing looks at search results across the web to offer you a summarized answer.
  • Be creative. When you need inspiration, Bing can help you write poems, stories, or even create you a brand new image.

In the chat experience, you can also ask follow-up questions such as, “can you explain that in simpler terms,” or, “give me more options” to get different and even more detailed answers in your search. However, in chat, each conversation will have a limited number of interactions, to keep the interactions grounded in search.

How do I best use the new Bing?

  • Ask questions as if you were talking to a person. This means including details, asking for clarification or more information, and telling Bing how it can be more helpful to you. Here’s an example: “I’m planning a trip with my friends in September. What beaches are within a 3-hour flight from London Heathrow?” Then follow up with something like, “What should we do when we get there?”
  • Ask directly for tips on how to interact with Bing. Try things like, “What can you do?” “Can you help me with X?” “What are your limitations?” Bing will let you know when there’s something it can’t help with.
  • Bing tries to keep answers fun and factual, but given this is an early preview, it can still show unexpected or inaccurate results based on the web content summarized, so please use your best judgment. We are always learning, and we welcome feedback to help Bing improve. Use the feedback button at the bottom right of every Bing page to share your thoughts.

Is the new Bing free to use?

Bing Chat is free and easy to use, making it a convenient alternative to ChatGPT plus’s $20 a month subscription. 

How is new Bing different from a regular search engines?

The new Bing builds on the existing Bing experience to provide you with a new type of search.

  • Beyond generating a list of relevant links, Bing consolidates reliable sources across the web to give you a single, summarized answer.
  • Search the way you talk, text, and think. Bing takes your complex searches and shares back a detailed response.
  • In the chat experience, you can chat naturally and ask follow-up questions to your initial search to get personalized replies.
  • Bing can be used as a creative tool. It can help you write poems, stories, or even share ideas for a project.

How does the new Bing generate responses?

Bing searches for relevant content across the web and then summarizes what it finds to generate a helpful response. It also cites its sources, so you’re able to see links to the web content it references.

Does Bing power ChatGPT?

Although Microsoft announced at its Microsoft Build event that Bing will now power ChatGPT, giving it access to the web and citations, right now, only ChatGPT Plus subscribers can access that feature. 

How to use new Bing with chrome?

  1. Install Bing Chat for All Browsers for Chrome.
  2. Click on the extension icon in the top-right corner of your browser.
  3. Pin the extension for easy access.
  4. Click the Bing Chat for All Browsers icon.
  5. Sign in to your Microsoft account, if you haven’t already.

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